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Silence in the Noise

The past three days I have spent in Sydney. My main purpose of being here was to teach classes, but I was only teaching for one hour a day, so the rest of the day I got to explore.

On the first day I was taken to Bondi, and was told that I must take the Bondi-Brodie walk. 20160920_131501.jpgI have to say that it was breathtakingly beautiful. I forget how much I love the water. Even though for a lot of it there were people around (it is a very popular walk for tourists and p20160920_132353.jpglace for locals to jog), there were moments that I could just stare out into the water and find a moment of silence.

There was one moment at these rocks, where the water came crashing in, and all I wanted to do was burst out into tears.  I am not sure why- but that was what I wanted to do (I didn’t though some seeped out.)

20160921_093132.jpgOn my second day I stayed in the city and went to the Opera House. It is amazing that a building can also take my breath away. I know that it is quite simple, that it is just a white building made of concrete and tile – but still, there is something actually magnificent about it, I can’t really say what though.

A friend told me that I must take the ferry to Manly, and so I did. Once again I was in the middle of the water. Hearing the waves around me. At times seeing buildings. At times seeing mountains and trees. And at times all I saw was water, as if there was no end. 20160921_101800.jpg

Following the Opera House, I took a stroll through the Royal Botanical Gardens. It was pouring rain, which I felt made it even more romantic and beautiful. There are giant trees and gorgeous flowers. It is so vast that there was on overwhelming silence of people, and all I could really hear was the 20160921_131304.jpgbirds, the wind, and the rain falling on my umbrella.

Something about traveling to places alone is that there is a lot of time for silence (which at times is great, and at times less so). I was able to stop when I wanted on my walk in Bondi to just sit in the quietful noise and think. I was able to just sit on the boat listening to the waves and the birds and the motor. I didn’t have to talk to anyone (most would think it strange if I really think about it). I could let the crash of the waves silence everything else, giving me an opportunity either to focus on my thoughts or to silence those as well.


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