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The Storm

I feel like the world is in the midst of a storm. It is a storm that is full of destruction, and we have no idea what it will look like post storm.

Just like a storm, we don’t  know exactly where it will hit or where it will hit the hardest, but we know that it will come.We know that bad things are happening around us. We can see that people are killing each other for no reason. We can see that laws are being made to keep people from being part of the community. We can see that there is becoming a bigger and bigger divide between people. We just hope and pray that it happens not to our family or friends.

Just like a storm all one can do it try to prepare, but storms are unpredictable. We can try and be more aware of our surroundings. We can try to learn preparations of what to do in x case. We can try to build a strong community. But it could be our community next. It could be our community that innocent people are killed. It could be our community that there is an act that kills hundreds at once. It could be our community that people are being marginalized only because of their race, and we aren’t doing anything about it.

Just like a storm it is scary, which the winds howling, lighting flashing, and thunder booming. We hear news report after news report about a bombing here, a shooting there, a stabbing in another place. We are reading this in the news and on Facebook. We are watching it on TV. We are hearing it on the radio. It is everywhere. If someone doesn’t feel it, they are living in a fantasy world. I feel at times it is listen to the news, take it in, breathe it out, and try to go about my day. What else can I do? I need to go out, even though I know that something can happen.

Just like a storm there is a lot of destruction. Houses are flooded. There is no power. People are killed and injured. But most of the time we don’t know the extent until the end. The world today with this storm is seeing and feeling that. There are places that have been demolished. There even is a feeling of lack of power. The feeling of both not knowing what to do and at the same time, is there anything that I can actually do. There have been many people killed. There are people who do not feel safe to leave their house for fear of what is outside the door- that at any moment someone will come after them.

Just like in a storm we see great community unity, we are seeing people band together. unfortunately the world comes together more when bad things are happening. We realize how much closer we are with one another. We realize that it could have been my relative or friend that was hurt. We realize that acts of terror can happen everywhere. We realize the shootings kill. We realize we must do something because there are people really not being treated well, and it is our responsibility to create a world that is equal to all.

I pray that just like after a storm there is something quiet and peaceful and a place for regrowth, that the world will get to that place soon too. There is a lot of destruction that a storm can do. We have seen it with hurricane and typhoons and tornadoes. Towns are destroyed. People are killed. There is a lot of loss and pain. But when the sun starts to come out again, even though it is difficult, people learn and are able to rebuild again. The town mourns together, while at the same time starts to rebuild. I pray that we, as residents of the world, do not need to do much more mourning- we have done enough. I hope that we will soon get to the time and place of rebuilding, and through that build a world that will be able to weather the storm.

I pray that those who have been affected in any of the recent acts of violence or terroism find comfort. And may those who are creating the acts be stopped swiftly.



I'm not always the greatest at sharing what is in my head. Here is a place that I am experimenting with sharing my ideas and thoughts. They are about my life, my experiences in becoming a rabbi, things that I see going on around me, and sometimes words of Torah.

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