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Maybe it is because of the picture that was with the prompt, but I am thinking about the moon.

When I think of the moon, I think about Jewish holidays. The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar. I know approximately what the moon looks like, based on the what the date it. I think about what time of year it is based on the holiday that is upcoming.

I am able to look back at who I was and where I was a year ago. With the coming and going of the moon, brings the coming and going of a year.

The moon is interesting though. The moon is constantly changing, but changing in seemingly the same way,  over and over again. The moon stays the same, while everything around the moon changes. There are times that the moon might look closer (or might actually be closer)- but at times we will still see all of it, and a few days later see none of it.

I think about myself and change. I think there are different types of personal change. I feel like up until this year, my life was static. I had the same job, same school, same apartment. I knew what was happening around me. Yes, I grew up throughout the past five years, had interesting experiences, but I had those things to ground me. I had that constant in my life.

All of a sudden in the past two months (but really the past year) everything has changed for me. I no longer have the consistency of the moon in my life. I quit my job. I moved out of my apartment. I moved to a new country. I started a new program. I had a relationship. I said goodbye to my friends and community. Everything around me has changed.

As much as there is nice in consistency, there is also power and beauty in it being missing. But I know that this too is just a phase. Soon, I will get into some sort of routine again. It might be just for the year, but it might be for longer.

So here is to time without the moon, till I am able to find the moon again.

I like this idea of trying to write based on the prompts. I am not sure that I will do it every day, but I think I will try, at least over the summer.



I'm not always the greatest at sharing what is in my head. Here is a place that I am experimenting with sharing my ideas and thoughts. They are about my life, my experiences in becoming a rabbi, things that I see going on around me, and sometimes words of Torah.

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