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Have You Dated Someone from the Mir?

I had a laugh today at work. One of the men comes from a very relgious community. He is a very sweet man, who I have many conversations with, and even help him put his tefillin on some days during the week.

Today he was with his daughter and son-in-law when I came over to say hello. For some reason he decided tell me that he thinks it is time for me to get married, and asked if I was seriously looking yet. He told me he thinks it would be good for me to find a shadchan (a matchmaker). I told him that I don’t think I am part of a community that dates through a Shadchan.

His question following was what made me laugh. “So, have you dated anyone from the Mir?” When I said no, he then asked which yeshivot I have dated from. (These are questions asked in the very frum world).

He proceded to tell me that I am a very special person (“you are something” as he likes to say),  it is not good to be alone, and if I feel like I am ready and serious about marriage it is a good time to look. He told me that it will happen in the right time, which his son-in-law said he is declaring it to happen, not just giving me hope.

I do hope that it is true. It is very sweet of him to care so much for me, that he wants me to marry someone from “the best” yeshiva he can think of. But it is still funny to me to picture myself married to a guy from the Mir.




I'm not always the greatest at sharing what is in my head. Here is a place that I am experimenting with sharing my ideas and thoughts. They are about my life, my experiences in becoming a rabbi, things that I see going on around me, and sometimes words of Torah.

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