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Which Is Worse?

What is going on in my city? Wasn’t the summer bad enough? Wasn’t it bad enough to hear about those running to bomb shelters and not being able to be outside during the summer?

But my question is- which is worse? Is it worse to have to spend all summer in the bomb shelter or know where the closest shelter is or is it worse to not have any warning at all that someone might try and run me over? Or stab me?

What about the times when Jerusalem had bombs going off and so people were afraid to go into town or out to eat or onto buses? Is now worse- because any person can come up at any point in time?

What has been happening is horrible- there are no words nor excuses. But at the same time, how can we treat everyone as if they are terrorists. I don’t want to belive that it is true- that anyone who is Arab is out to kill me. I don’t want t live in a world where we they won’t be able to get a job, because I am worried. Of course I am worried– but I am more worried about what if they don’t have a job. What then is stopping them from killing and stealIng? What type of world would we be making them live in if we don’t allow citizens to work?

I don’t know what the answer is to try and stop what is going on. The best that I can think of is prayer or doing good things, despite what is happening. That we really need to show that there is actually good in the world.

Being in the midst of winter, the time in which there is a lack of light, we need to create fire and light so that one can see and not be afraid. During this time too, we need to create goodness, acts of love and kindness, to show that the world is not all bad, and that we shouldn’t have to live in fear.